Who am I???

Well I used to only care about making music and travelling the world. A free loving gypsy with a guitar as my companion. I spent nearly a decade travelling to over 60 countries working on various Super Yachts around the world. I travelled across the ocean to places like Greenland, Alaska, Antarctica and Indonesia. I fell in love with different cultures, food, and people. I learned how different we all are yet we are all searching for the same thing in life... True Happiness!




For some it's living in the mountains of Patagonia, whilst others strive for glamour in the bustling metropolitans. Whether it's work or play, we all find something to keep us going. For me, I have found a passion in helping others achieve this happiness and figure out exactly what they want out of life. We all have the potential for greatness. Some people just need to be given permission to shine.

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My Mission

To inspire, motivate and create the best leaders of tomorrow by offering quality training, expert advice and certified coaching to personally coach individuals and businesses that are looking to reach that next level, by offering them my certified knowledge and unique understanding of the world, whilst empowering them to take control of their lives.

I also help yacht crew members transition from the industry as they find their feet back on land, giving first hand lessons I've learned from leaving the industry and making it on my own.

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Weekly Wisdom

Ship-to-Shore Podcast

Extracting the Tools, Habits and Routines of Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Influencers to help yacht crew create a successful life ashore.

Isolation Resource Guide

The FGM Podcast

Helping individuals create an abundant lifestyle by sharing our knowledge as professional coaches and interviewing epic guests along the way.
Weekly Wisdom

Weekly Wisdom

The Newsletter that Never Stops Giving

My way to share the greatest things I've found.

Isolation Resource Guide

Isolation Resource Guide 

A survival guide to the real world, including links to resources, websites, entertainment and more.